Thank you for taking the time to read this text.

Nice to meet you, we are a team of Ukrainian engineers. One of our hobbies is robotics and microcontrollers. This hobby grew into an idea and later turned into a project where we want to help people with disabilities. 

We want to help regain their lost abilities, return the freedom of life.

Today on the market there are quite technologically advanced but not quite affordable products from other manufacturers.

We want to make our products more accessible to more people, not inferior in quality and capabilities. For this, we have our invaluable experience, and a great desire to implement this project.

Thank you.

According to statistics, about 12% of people all around the world have functional and structural disorders of the body, which impede physical activity, complicate social life and professional activities. More than 50 million people a year become disabled. Among the injured, about 300 thousand lose their legs, and 390 thousand lose their arms.

High-quality and functional prostheses could significantly reduce these losses, but the available limb prostheses are basically low-function products implementing passive decorative function.

Nowadays, basically all prostheses in Ukraine, CIS countries, foreign laboratories, and research centres are cosmetic. Such prostheses are made for the reproduction of natural body look.

The best solution is bionic prostheses, a technologically complex solution that involves the installation of electric motors in each finger, the presence of high-capacity batteries, and registration of EMG sensors. Among the disadvantages: they are expensive and inaccessible to the average buyer.

The bionic prostheses have certain advantages. However, a comprehensive solution that combines a reasonable price, service life, quality of gripping the objects is not explicitly available. We find a solution to the existing problem in the development of a modern type of Ukrainian-made prostheses. As the main reference point, bionic prostheses were chosen, which have a significant number of advantages compared to conventional plastic prostheses.


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